AnyList Widgets for iOS

Posted by Jason Marr on September 23, 2020

Update - October 3, 2020

AnyList v5.17 for iOS, with support for widgets, is available now.

You can learn more about AnyList widgets for iOS on our help page.

We’re pleased to announce AnyList v5.17 for iOS will include support for widgets, so you can quickly access your lists and meal plan right from your home screen.

The update will be available in the coming weeks, but if you’d like to get early access, you can join our TestFlight beta testing program and help us test the update before its release.

List Widget

Use the List widget to keep track of what’s on a list, without needing to open the app.

AnyList for iOS - Single List Widget

Multiple Lists Widget

Keep frequently used lists just a tap away with the Multiple Lists widget.

AnyList for iOS - Multiple Lists Widget

Meal Plan Widget

Take a quick glance at the Meal Plan widget to see what’s for dinner tonight.

AnyList for iOS - Small Meal Plan Widget

Or use the large Meal Plan widget to see what meals you have planned over the next few days.

AnyList for iOS - Large Meal Plan Widget

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please let us know.

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